My blog has moved!

You know how I've been saying I wanted to update the look of this blog? Well, I found a template over at wordpress that I actually really like. I still want to tweak it, but for now, it's okay. It's a little bit of a hassle... Google has an excellent back end, and I like that you can edit the template and you have unlimited storage space. But at wordpress you can have multiple pages. So I'm at least going to try it over there for a little while.

I'll probably still keep this one around, in case I decide I don't like wordpress. So don't delete this bookmark yet.

Check out the new location here: NO MORE DARKNESS




If I can find a red Gi...

...I am SO dressing up like this guy. I don't know why Ken always takes a back seat to Ryu. He's way cooler. Sure, shooting fireballs is way more practical, but a dragon punch looks ten billion times more fierce. Plus red is way more intimidating. I mean, come on.

Dreams & Reality

A while ago my mom bought me the movie Enchanted, and I finally watched last night right before I went to bed. And then I had a whole bunch of really weird dreams.

I don't actually remember most of them. I know at one point I was trying to stop an alien army from taking over a train. They had these weird bug things that would poke you with a stinger and it would cause your DNA to merge with theirs. Weird.

One of the dreams I had that was actually normal involved me meeting generic blonde dream girl and rescuing her from her jerk boyfriend. Basically she had this guy she had been dating for a year or something, and he was treating her like dirt, and then she and I met, and we got married literally two days later. I think the dream even involved me taking a phone call from her ex boyfriend, and I think I said something like, "I hope your eyeballs get ripped out by wolverines."

Ah, the insults your brain comes up with while you're sleeping.

What's really funny about that dream though is that is not quite exactly but still amusingly similar to the way my grandparents got married. I've never actually heard the detailed story, but apparently there was this guy who really liked my grandmother. She was kind of dating him on and off, and then he went on a business trip or got sent to war or something, and when he got back - oops! Grandma was married.

I don't think he was a jerk guy, though. She always talks about him like he was sweet, but she wasn't in love with him. And when she met my grandpa, it was like ZIM BOOM! WOW!

So it's kind of fun that I had a dream like that.


More on Phone Searches

After doing some more research, I found out why I couldn't find a phone tracing website:

On January 12th 2007 President Bush signed H.R. 4709 The Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006. It is now illegal to sell, transfer, or possess confidential phone records. Confidential phone records are defined in the act as: information relating to the the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, or amount of use of a service offered by a phone company.

The Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006 also includes an "Extraterritorial Jurisdiction" clause which prohibits foreign companies from selling or reselling any telephone records.

I guess at least it will prevent stalkers from tracking us down...

People are so retarded.

So I found out something unpleasant today. I had this great idea that maybe I'd see if there was a website or something that could do a GPS location trace of my phone. So of course I googled it, like anyone would. It turns out there are a whole bunch of *fake* cell phone location websites that are actually porn sites.

I don't know why people have to be such idiots, you know? I mean, if you want to throw porn around on the internet, which is already stupid, just label it PORN. Quit trying to be such a hotshot idiot by disguising it as something else. We don't want to see that crap.

iPhone = Missing

Just fyi for those who would have a reason to call, my iPhone is MIA. I can't find it anywhere. I'm checking at some lost and founds of places I was a few days ago, but it's been three days...




The Pirate Party was a couple of nights ago, and it was really fun. It was really long, so I'm not going to go into details. Like any event, it had it's high points and low points, but overall it was spectacularly produced, there was awesome music, the people dressed up really well, and there were a lot of fun events. We got attacked at sea by another pirate ship (that was planned). We also (thankfully) avoided conflict with a mythical frat party boat (that was not planned, but awesome after the fact). We hunted for dubloons on an island and we had some great food made by an amazing chef.

Yo ho!


This is AWESOME!

This guy has some TALENT. He makes his own action figures! My favorites are the Star Wars ones. This is C-3PO - in Steam Punk. Unbelievable!

Wait... This Guy's Dating Natalie Portman?

...when I listen to his music, I can see it.

His name is Devendra Banhart, and he's really famous, and like most really famous people, it took me forever to find out about him. I owe this musical discovery to Brady. Thanks, man.

It's really, really, really good music. Really really really. Three reallys. Repeated, so it's like six of them, plus the one after that.

I guess he and Natalie Portman make sense... especially if you see him without his beard, like in this video.

He should have come to the Pirate Party.



The guy's a musical genius.



I was searching for jobs today on craigslist and came across this. Turns out it's only a job for someone to type what someone else says. That's really too bad, because I'd make an AWESOME tyrant.


Some of you might know I'm going to a pirate party this weekend. Here's a preview. I have a lot of my costume together - pants, boots, jewelry, and bandana. And my sister-in-law, Anna, is going to do my makeup, which will be awesome. Unless it runs - we're on a boat, hmm, didn't think about that until just now...

Anyway, I still need a good shirt, and a belt/sash thing. And some sweet rings that make me look like I relieved some fine rich woman of her burdensome trinkets. And tattoos. I'm going open-shirted, and I'm NOT shaving my chest hair, but if I could find someone who could draw a really good schooner on my chest really huge, I would do it.

Anybody know where I can find a good piratey shirt? Kind of a froofy one? Maybe along the lines of Errol Flynn?